Супервизоры, ресеты и детекторы напряжения

Изделие Характеристики Vin(range) Vdd=5V Tdly1 Корпус
3511 PC Power Supply Supervisors, OVPx2+UVP+PGO+Pson+FPO 3.8V~15V 200ms~490ms DIP-8 SOP-8
3510 PC Power Supply Supervisors, OVPx2+UVP+PGO+Pson+FPO 4.0V~15V 200ms~450ms DIP-8 SOP-8
3513 PC Power Supply Supervisors, 4.0V~15V 200ms~490ms DIP-16 SOP-16
S3515 PC Power Supply Supervisors 4.0V~15V 200ms~450ms DIP-14 SOP-14
S3525 PC Power Supply Supervisors 4.0V~15V 200ms~490ms DIP-14 SOP-14
3521 pwm controller with supervisory circuit for switching powe... 5.5V 100ms~500ms DIP-16
S3527 pc power supply supervisor -0.3~16V 100ms~400ms DIP-16 SOP-16
S3526 3-channel secondary supervisor 3.8 ~ 16.0 V   DIP-14,SOP-14
84NXX low quiescent current programmable-delay supervisory circu... 1.8 ~ 6V   SOT-23-6 (JDEDE TO-236)
UWD708 low cost microprocessor supervisory circuits -0.3 ~ 6.3   SOP-8

Детекторы напряжения и ресеты     

Изделие Характеристики Vcc(max) Detect Volt. Range Tdly1 Accurate Корпус
81XX Voltage Detection and System Reset IC -0.3V~+10.0V 1.8~4.6 & 5.0 ±3% SOT-23/SOT-25/SOT-89/TO-92/SOT-23-3
82XX Built-in Delay Time: 60~150ms;120~300ms;240ms ~600ms -0.3V~+10.0V 1.8V~4.6V,5.0V - SOT-25
88CXX CMOS Output High-Precision Voltage Detectors with Delay Controll... 0.95V~+10.0V 1.1 ~ 6.0 ±2% SOT-25 / SOT-23-5
88NXX Nch Open Drain High-Precision Voltage Detectors with Delay Cont... 0.95V~+10.0V 1.1 ~ 6.0 ±2% SOT-25 / SOT-143
83CXXX CMOS Output Voltage Detectors with Manual Reset Function. Built-... 1.0~5.5V 2.93V~3.08V - SOT-143
UIC811 Microprocessor Reset Circuits. Built-in Delay Time: 140~560ms 1.0~5.5V 2.63V~4.38V - SOT-143/SOT-23/SOT-343
81CXX 81NXX voltage detectors with built-in delay time 12V 1.0 ~ 6.0 ±2% SOT-23/SOT-23-3/SOT-89/SOT-223/TO-92
82CXX CMOS Output Voltage Detectors 12V 0.9 ~ 6.0 ±2% SOT-23 SOT-25 SOT-23-3 SOT-89
82NXX Nch Open Drain Output Voltage Detectors 12V 0.9 ~ 6.0 ±2% SOT-23/SOT-25/SOT-89/TO-92
801 3/4 strings xmas light control 5 - - DIP-8
8156 8 functions x'mas light control - - - DIP-16.DIP-18
UTC812 microprocessor reset ic -0.3~6.0V - - SOT-23-3
UU4793 overload monitoring with resistive load,VT = 44.5 mV 16.5V 44.5mV - SOP-8
USP720 electronic protection array for esd and over-voltage protection 35 - - DIP-16
UIC809 microprocessor reset circuits -0.3~+6.0 IOUT= 20mA PD= 300mW SOT-23-3
UIC812 4-PIN μP voltage monitors with manual reset input 1~ 5.5V Tret= 230~510ms Iout = 20mA SOT-23-5 SOT-143
UIC813 3-pin microprocessor reset circuits -0.3~+6.0V Vreset= -0.3~+6.3V Icc= 20 mA SOT-23
89CXX 89NXX low voltage free delay time setting voltage detector ic series VOPL= 0.7 / 0.9V Ileak= 0 1µA RCT= 5 ~ 7 MΩ SOT-23-5 SOT-343
86N1C voltage detecting, system resetting ic 18V 1.20 ~ 1.30 V   SOP-8
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